FAQ About Informal Classes on Film


Q: How does the informal class differ from a traditional college class?

A: In essence, this class does much more than just study film. More importantly, we must fully examine both our personal and the societal responses to the messages found in these artifacts. As such, Concordia University has rented the theater as a suitable classroom for examining films in their most natural and powerful state. Unlike a movie you attend for entertainment purposes, we include a lively discussion that helps us all understand the experience we’ve shared.

Note that we have both traditional Concordia students (who are registered for a formal version of the course) learning alongside our community participants. One major difference is that the traditional students attend a lecture prior to the examination of the selected film that prepares them to analyze it critically.

Q: Do I have assignments if I attend the Informal Class?

A: No. Just enjoy the discussion after the film or feel free to add your insights as well. For your benefit, we’ve provided some of the formal course’s lecture notes in a pre-class slideshow running in our theater. You may also call the various student-led radio shows during the week on Tornado Radio (ctxtalk.com, 512-234-3335. The schedules are TBA).

Q: Do I get academic credit?

A: This is a non-credit Informal Class, so the registrar at Concordia does not maintain a formal academic record of this class. The class is for your own edification.

Q: Why are you examining R-rated films?

A: Our approach is not to ask if we should show films like these, but ask if these more difficult scenes and themes somehow make the film exempt from serious examination. We find that many R-rated films are in need of a close, scholarly analysis.

Q: May I bring someone with me?

A: All participants must register. Use this form to reserve your seat (along with up to three other registrants).  The form will allow you to edit the number or names after you submit it. Listing a potential participant on this form registers them for the class.

Q: Can I order food and drinks as I normally do when watching a film?

A: Of course! But we do not pick up the tab for refreshments.

Q: What if the weather is bad?

A: Check your email. If you confirmed your participation in the Informal Class via email, you will receive a message if the event is postponed or canceled.

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