Informal Classes on Cinema for the Community

Class logo*ESL: Media Literacy for Community Learners

Ten Weeks—Monday nights 6:30 PM @ The Moviehouse & Eatery, Austin, TX
Led by media scholar Philip J. Hohle, PhD

Class sponsored by ACTS Church Lakeline.

(*Entertainment as a Second Language)

The language of popular culture can be strange and confusing, yet at the same time, it is immeasurably influential. Core tenants and convictions are often concealed in irresistible forms of entertainment. In particular, the movie is the most broadly influential and subtly powerful means for change in western society.

  • How is it that two people can watch the same movie but experience two completely different stories?
  • What are the important details easily missed, clues that give new meaning to the story?
  • How does one unearth the concealed arguments embedded by the filmmaker?
  • What was it in the film that triggered this remarkable disruption/empowerment?.

Participants will explore and practice ten valuable lenses that can make them fluent in their media consumption—better at making sense of the messages and meanings behind their favorite movies. Improve your media literacy—become fluent in reading popular film.

Registration includes:

  • A media literacy curriculum, written with the average viewer in mind.
  • Screenings each Monday night followed by a community discussion at The Moviehouse. (Screenings are free, but participants much reserve a seat each week via our online form.)

Seats are limited, so register now:

  • Series Registration is $65 each: Click here.
  • Series Family Registration (more than one) is $55 each: Click here (register each separately).
  • Single Class Registration is $15, but you must obtain a reserved seat first by clicking here. (Note that more seats may become available on the day of the screening.)
  • Scholarships are available! Request one here.

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