Spring 2022 Movie Titles for Zion

Class Schedule for 2022
Cinema & The Bible
at Zion Lutheran Church

Walburg, TX

Sundays 9:30 AM (Computer Room)

March 20

The Bridges of Madison County

(Available on Amazon)

Are wrongs justifiable if they are motivated by love?

Rated PG-13 - Length: 135 Minutes

March 27

Places in the Heart

(Available on Amazon)

Who has your back?

Rated PG - Length: 111 Min.

April 3

Frozen 2

(Available on Amazon)

What voices summon you?

Rated PG - Length: 102 Min

April 10

The Apostle

(Available on Amazon)

Can God use an unrepentant sinner?

Rated PG13 - Length: 134 Minutes

Easter Sunday

No Class

Class Resumes April 24

April 24

Forrest Gump

(Available on Amazon)

What are you running from (or to)?

Rated PG13 - Length: 142 Minutes

May 1


(Available on Amazon)

Are you divinely equipped to win??

Rated PG - Length: 115 Minutes

May 8

Redeeming Love

(Available on Amazon)

Is there a limit to God's forgiveness?

Rated PG - Length: 134 Minutes

May 15

Don't Look Up

(Available on Amazon)

What does faithfulness sound like?

Rated R - Length: 138 Minutes

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The links below will open a window in Amazon Smile, where you can designate a registered charity to receive a percentage of the proceeds. If you cannot find a charity you like, you can search for these books on the normal Amazon.com site or select Driving Hope of Texas to receive the contribution from Amazon.

Cinema and Religion Book

Lenses Book

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