Spring 2019 Movie Titles

Class Schedule for 2019 Cinema & Religion Class at The Moviehouse & Eatery

Sunday 5:30 PM (Lantana) / Monday 6:30 PM (Trails)

Feb. 3/4

I Can Only Imagine

Whose face do you hope to see in heaven?

Rated PG - Length: 110 Minutes

Feb. 10/11

The Theory of Everything

Just what is the single unifying equation that explains everything?

Rated PG-13 - Length: 123 Minutes

Feb. 17/18

Easy A

What letter must you wear?

Rated PG-13 - Length: 92 Min.

Feb. 24/25


What causes one to doubt?

Rated PG-13 - Length: 96 Min

March 3/4

A Quiet Place

Is there any greater love?

Rated PG-13 - Length: 90 Minutes

March 10/11


What motivates you to take a risk?

Rated PG-13 - Length: 96 Minutes

March 17/18

No Class

Class Resumes March 24/25

March 24/25

Winter's Bone

If your father is not godly, can your God be fatherly?

Rated R - Length: 100 Minutes

March 30/April 1

The Shape of Water

Has man become the monster?

Rated R - Length: 123 Minutes

April 7/8


Does the story of creation make sense without a resurrection?

Rated R - Length: 121 Minutes

April 14/15

Black Panther

What makes one a leader?

Rated PG-13 - Length: 134 Minutes

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