Lenses Informal Class Back for Third Season

CHECK BACK SOON for information on the FALL 2018 Series.

(Fall 2017) Concordia University is pleased to announce the return of Lenses, our popular Informal Classes for the Community starting Monday, September 11, 6:30 PM at The Moviehouse and Eatery. Thanks to the ongoing support of many of the cinephiles who have taken one or more of these classes on film, the series is again offered free to anyone who registers. The class meets Mondays through November 27 at the Moviehouse, located in the Trails of 620 Shopping Center just west of the Concordia campus. (Note that the series will pause on October 9 and November 20 for fall and Thanksgiving breaks respectively.)

The Lenses informal class is designed to help develop media literacy skills in the community. Meeting alongside traditional students each Monday, community participants will closely examine a carefully selected popular film artifact using one of ten distinct perspectives (lenses). Professors from the university and other featured respondents will help conduct a brief discussion after each screening. Together, the participant will employ these various lenses in achieving rich and deep interpretations of each film’s content.

In its third season this fall, the Lenses series is curated by Communication professor Dr. Philip Hohle in partnership with the university’s School of Fine Arts. Hohle states, “This season will be unique in that an overall theme is superimposed over the series. Centering around the importance of the score, we will analyze the impact music and lyrics have on the interpretation of the story.” Hohle has titled this year’s series, “Postmodern Musicals.”

The Lenses series is parallel to the Cinema and Religion series offered at The Moviehouse each spring. Focusing on film, the two classes provide examinations of this compelling media form in the context of an actual movie theater with an audience—the most pure and powerful viewing environment. These two experiences are among several related community events offered by the university’s School of Fine Arts each year. Visit the university’s home page for news about these opportunities and links to more information (www.concordia.edu).

Space is limited. As true with the Cinema and Religion series, participants will be required to register by emailing cinema@concordia.edu. For more information, visit <parabolicmedia.com/cinema>.

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