Concordia University Announces Fourth Season of Film Series

Cinema & Religion Informal Class for the Community Returns to The Moviehouse & Eatery on Monday Nights
Series kicks off with a special screening hosted by the director and producer of the film.

Austin, Texas—Concordia University Texas (CTX) will again offer the informal course Cinema and Religion to the community on Monday nights beginning January 23, 2017. The class is held each week at 6:30 p.m. at The Moviehouse and Eatery in The Trails at 620 Shopping Center across from the University. The series begins with a special screening of the 2016 film The Vessel, starring Martin Sheen. Concordia is pleased to announce the filmmakers Julio and Marla Quintana gave agreed to participate in a discussion after the screening.

The course will begin January 23 and will run every Monday through April 10 at the Moviehouse & Eatery. (The class will not meet on March 13 during Spring Break.) The non-credit course is free and open to registered members of the public who are invited to develop media literacy as co-learners alongside traditional college students. Through close examinations of popular films, the course helps people develop skills in discovering and analyzing religious themes in popular media fare.

The course is built around specific religious themes repeatedly found encoded in our culture’s popular cinematic narratives. Each week the class will examine an outstanding story artifact—a film that raises one or more of these profound religious questions for viewers. The experience will equip film audiences to analyze the story’s suggestions concerning the character of God, the search for transcendence, the struggle between revenge and forgiveness and the means and nature of redemption.

The class features a discussion following the examination of each night’s film lead by CTX professors Dr. Jake Youmans and Dr. Philip Hohle. Details on an additional special screening and other guests are pending, but this site will update these as they are confirmed.

To register for any or all of these class sessions do not contact The Moviehouse & Eatery directly. Instead, simply email Professor Philip Hohle at <> to register for the free course and to reserve a seat. Community learners have no assignments or attendance requirements. No college credit is awarded for the informal course.


Syllabus (Traditional Students)

# Date Topic/Film Reading Questions Length
1 Orientation: No Film <> afterlife in film <>
Group Planning
Group Planning
2 1/23/17 Unit 1: Basic Methodology Reel Spirituality: Introduction
The Vessel Must we wear our grief? 86
3 1/30/17 Unit 2: Core Questions Reel Spirituality: The Power of Film
Gran Torino How fulfilling is it to live a life to oneself? 116
4 2/6/17 Unit 3: Three ways to compare religions Reel Spirituality: History of the Church and Hollywood
Hacksaw Ridge Can you compromise your fatih and still be religious? R 139
5 2/13/17 Unit 4: The Monomyth Reel Spirituality: Theological Approaches
Take Shelter What if there really is a supernatural? 120
6 2/20/17 Unit 5: Christ Figures Reel Spirituality: Why look at film?
Birdman 119
7 2/27/17 Unit 6: Man vs. Monster Reel Spirituality: Are Movies Art?
Dead Poets Society Can God’s law be emancipating? 126
8 3/6/17 Unit 7: The Redemptive Cycle Reel Spirituality: In Film, Story Reigns Supreme
Anna Karenina How patient is God’s love? 129
10 3/20/17 Unit 8: The Quest for Transcendence Reel Spirituality: Image and Music
Blue Like Jazz What is the Christian’s place in the world? 108
11 3/27/17 Unit 9: Herophobia and Heroic Teleology Reel Spirituality: Becoming a film critic.
Se7ven How does one pay the wages of sin? 127
12 4/3/17 Unit 10: Religious Ideology in Film Reel Spirituality: Responding to Film Ethically
Ex-Machina Why does the creation rebel against the creator? 108
13 4/10/16 Unit 11: Postmodern Influences Reel Spirituality: Responding to Film Theologically
Guardians of the Galaxy Who protects you from evil? 121
14 4/17/16 EASTER BREAK
Unit 12: Wrap up/Blackboard Clean Up Reel Spirituality: An Exercise in Dialog
15 Final Exam (at CTX): TBA

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